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I had heard that the GNC or vitamin store has some special chronic removal stuff they keep behind the counter. And I heard it works. I've never had to use it though.


Ditto on the budget. Damn that is a dirty word...


Welcome to the 30's and new aches and pains. Oops. That must just be me.


You don't need the sticky icky no way. And you'll love your 30's. I've enjoyed mine so far.


Oh yes! I am officially on a budget too. Saving is about to get serious.

I guess I missed it before... but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! =)


Those over the counter joints work. Problem is, your pee is clear and that sets alarms off in people's heads. I just make certain that I don't work in any career that takes tests. Tests are for school. LOL...I also just leave the trees alone (mostly)


Kel, off the chronic? Damn, things are changing around here--but for the best. I feel you on the budget. I've been holding my feet to the fire on that one. I'm tired working my ass off and having nothing significant to show for it, but a bunch of receipts. I'm glad to see you're taking care of business.


Good to see you, glad you enjoyed your birthday!

I'm with you on the budget...can we get a support group going here...LOL...


Hey Mr. ALL grown up and sexy!!!! See 30 is kicking in already....thinking about all the money you are "tricking" off!!! LOL I hope you stick to it!!!!


Good luck w/ your job search - I'm searching too. At least cutting back your reefer intake will benefit your budget!


I heard of this thing called Golden Seal it comes in pill form or you can mix it...its a nasty green color but its supposed to flush you right out!
Good luck with the job search and saving is good. TRY ING they have a great savings rate...


Damn, what the hell happend on July 28th 2005??? Did you get hit with the "be more responsible" brick. LOL Glad to here all the wonderful changes your making in your life! =)


Kelzz, I was just thinking of you and almost all the things you are talking about today, wondering how you were faring in 30! Sounds like you are on the right track...but whose gonna blaze with me when I move to the "Go"?


You're sounding much more mature than I am... maybe I need to catchup and take heed to your example (5 years later... LOL)!!!

Happy belated! =) Mine is on the 4th so you'd better come hit me up!!! =)


I've been falling off lately with blogging too. Maybe it's the heat???

Anyway, glad you had a nice birthday! And good luck with the budget :)


Dude ain't being grown and sexy all that and a bag of chips.

Hey wake that dog up for a photo op.


If I hear "Grown and Sexy" come out of any 18 or 19 year olds I swear I'm picking up two bricks! I ain't playing!

Yeah, save a lil dough. I think I may need some soon!


Hey there! Glad you're still out there and doing good!! Just passing by, saying HI :~) Take care!

Lil' Sis

Damn! I'm all late and shit! When did you post this!


1) Send me some damn pics of my baby!
2) Get outta my head! Last night I was telling "P" that it would be the last night of the sticky cause a girls go a NEW JOB to find!
3) isn't 30 THE BESTEST!
4) Budgeting is good!

CALL ME! I'll call you tonight!

Lubb ya!

Systa Soul

**Rolling eyes @ grown and sexy remark**

WHAT?! You're cutting out the herbal substances ... lawd ... what is the world coming to?! I hate being on a budget ... I never do good ... maybe you'll be an inspiration to me. Oh, yeah, hurry up and post some pics of the 'baby'!

Speedy aka Security

Okay, Adam's Apple has this great drink that flushes your system the day of the test. (But don't tell anyone that I told you) It's worked everytime I needed it to and for everyone that I've told about it. Adam's Apple is on Cali up north.
SO SORRY I forgot to wish you happy birthday so.. **in my best Stevie Wonder voice** Happy Birthday To YOU!!!! Welcome to the thirties...
We TOLD you that Spirit digs the feet! It's good to know for sure though. Post some pics soon, you know I'm an animal lover.


Happy belated birthday, Kelvin. Life truly begins at 30. I went so many years thinking that I knew everything. Then I hit my 30's and realize that I don't know squat. It's quite liberating.


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