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Your godsister's date reminds me of one I had not too long after I broke up with my ex. He'd told me I could order whatever I liked. "Spare no expense," is what he stated. But when the check came, he acted like he didn't wanna come outta pocket. Like his money was funny. He paid anyway, but he never saw me again. Dude got the instant block whenever he called my home and whenever he called the cell, he got routed to voicemail.


Is this the "all i got is $11" dude?

Punk Biatch!

Anywho, just wanted to say good morning!

Oh and on the unprotected sex thing...why is this ALL i've been discussing with people this weekend! On Friday I saw the repeat of Oprahs interview with that DL dude. OMG! Let's just say I won't be having sex for a long friggin' time! My poor son had to deal with me going off on him and his friends about how IMPORTANT it is to protect yourself!

Sorry, here I go turning into Yolanda AGAIN! (Love ya girl!)



*Walking up to podium, mouth agape* Why did "she" come in here calling me out? LOL If it weren't for the fact she was my PIB, I'd have to say something. *Moment of ephiphany* Come to think of it, I can't say shit because she's telling the truth. hehehe

Oh, sorry, Kel, this was supposed to be about you, right? LMAO

I hate when nuccas don't get a clue. And you know how I feel about not tipping appropriately. That's something Yolanda just DOES NOT do. I start them out at 20%. It's up to them whether they maintain, dip or climb higher.

I can't deal with a man who doesn't think likewise. Hell, he might start cutting corners with me (like half a nut, lmao), and we can't have that.

Okay, I'm getting long-winded here, I think it's time for me to make haste. LOL *Exiting stage-left*


*smh* why won't people get it?

unprotected means just that You.Are.Unprotected!

Mizz Kem

Nah, Sis, the $11 dude was mine! LOL! Trife and he's a "sweatbox" too! That dude called me just yesterday and he's been told that ain't nuthin movin between us. If he didn't have the money, he should have left my black ass in the house that day! LOL!

Mizz Kem

Oh, and on the unprotected sex issue, I just don't understand why people don't believe "it" can happen to them. "It" represents a RANGE of physical diseases that can kill you, along with emotional dis-eases that can break you down! Either way, it's bad news to allow someone to enter your body without a protective barrier. I'm 3 months into a LONG road of "these-niggas-ain't-gettin-none-till-I-really-know-them-AND-we-get-tested-together" realness. I've seen people, people in my age group (25-35) get "caught up" and you have to wonder if their sharing that info with any new/potential partners! I Doubt it and that's what's scary...


i dont have sex

QQn around...


makes a sistah not want to date at ALL!!!

recipe for the safest sex:

1 adult movie
2 double a batteries
3 adult beverages


Safe sex....I dated this guy for like a month or two..then one night at his place things got a bit heated.

To put all my bidness out there...he and I were both butt-ass-naked...and about to get it on...when I realized he was making no movement or motion toward a condom in any direction. I asked him, "do you have a condom", he looked at me in a baffled way..very confused at the question. I repeated myself. He said, "no, do you". I replied, "no".

He looks at me and says, "dont worry I'll pull out".

It took all the strength in me not to curse this nigga out and run. So I politely gathered my things, put my clothes on and left.

Needless to say, he called me several times (he became somewhat of a sweatbox)....and no I never returned ANY of his calls.

Nasty mutha-somethin!


Lol...I've encountered my share of shock with my instantaneous departure after the no glove no love conversation. Any man who acts surprised to hear a request for protection is one that has HIV/AIDS and an assorted variety of diseases (Keish, 2005) so...I'll give my standard advice: RUNNNNNN....


Wow. The comments were just as engaging as the post. I love when that happens.



Okay, I haven't read any comments... but umm... am I the only one that is searching your post for the prophylactics part of your post? Ummm... did you do that to trick me into reading it? LOL Boooooooooooooo I need to hear about some prophylactics!!!! LOL


Was that it??? Just a remark that people are still having unprotected sex with strangers in 2005? Shit truth be told you don't need to be having unprotected sex with people you know either. Knowing those muthafuckas doesn't protect you from shit. LOL


Tell it, X! Just because you're all familiar with a mofo shouldn't give you reason to stop protecting YOURSELF! It's all about ME! Everyone else and their feelings are secondary. I gotta look out for MsThing FIRST!

I'm glad your girl cut "Sweat Box" off. Some women would've considered that "helping a brother out" and continued to put up with him for years just for the sake of having him around and being able to have unprotected sex with him at some point! LOL


I'm going to have to bite that. Sweatbox. I have one of those for sure.
Uh...where ya been anyway?!? You haven't dropped by to see a sistah in a minute!

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