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Awww... Thursday... I will have a Mojito with a tequila chaser for you when I get to Miami!!!! =)

Thank you for your (((hugs)))) =)



Glad you are back...and glad you are feeling better


Happy early B-day! Mines was Sunday. Enjoy yourself Leo!

Princess Dominique

Great post and I agree with your entire list, especially not trying a new "organic" deodorant. It's selfish to subject people to that period! *lol* Happy Birthday!


LMAO! i feel for people that actually have to work outdoors (parking lots, amusement parks, airport, even the nation of islam brothers in suits selling bean pies and final calls....) it must be crucial to work in such conditions!


Alcohol + heat = dehydration


It's on fire in the Chi ain't it? Good GRIEF. I got off the plane Sunday like 'how did I end up taking a plane to hell?'...

Stay cool...and since I'll be outta the country Thursday...and CAN'T drink the stuff myself, I'll be sure to buy my friends shots of Patron in honor of your b-day Thursday......:)


Happy Monday!!


YAY! Happy Birthday coming uppppp! **countdown*

Lil' Sis

Hey Bro! Happy Monday!


Man, it's toooooo hot outside!!!!

#1 is absolutely right. Just sit yo ass down in front of a fan or AC, get some water/a popsicle/ a smoothie/ a slurpee/ a frappuccino and be cool.


I have one word....hil-DAYUM-arious!!! And so true. But here's another one: when it's hot as 2 cats fuggin in a wool sock, don't you get to fuggin if you ain't got A/C, ya'll will wake up stuck together like 2 dogs.....needin' the jaws of life to seperate you....all funky and musty to boot!


OOF I heard about the little heat situation ya'll got going on onver in Chi-town. Jeez 83 at 7 in the morning is way tooo damn hot. But enjoy it while it lasts and the cold ass air it biting the hell up out your earlobes. lol


Hey there! Great list... You had me LOL @ the deoderant and the need for several showers! Happy early birthday! That makes 3 people that day that I will have to call and say that to... Oh and I would have a shot of Patron for you, but ummmm me and Mr. Patron got a divorce.! I got soooooo freakin sick from that shit last week! I thought I was gonna die! never eva eva again!

*birthday hugs to ya*


My damn work car doesn't have AC. It blows cool air in the morning. But come 10:00am, it's no cooling off in that muthaphucka. No way. No how. Every time I step up out that mug, I'm dripping wet. And I'm not talking about in a good way. LOL I'm gone phuck around and be a puddle of brown sugar in a minute!


WOAH!! THE BIG 30. lol I am sure you will show 30 a thing or two my friend! =)


"be cool muhfuckah's yawl know the rules...stay cooooool".
U know its hot in the "D" too. But I got some AC for u...lol...wait u do too.


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