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Are you sure that's not the birthday talking to you?


Awwww, your little Kelzz is growing up. Take your time in finding your Queen.


Oops, that's our not your. Damn typos.


Has the avalanche of e-mails began yet? LOL Kelzz is on the market. Damn! hehehe Seriously, take your time. Let's make sure she's right. You do know your blog-sis and I will be checking her out, right? LOL

Lil' Sis...

Got that shit right! I've got to give her the stamp of approval!

Kelzz, babe, I KNOW she's out there! but please becareful! you know these heffas see a GREAT guy (cause that's what you are) and don't know how to act or treat him!

So ummm yeah...she gots to meet me 1st! LOL

Wishing you the best! *hugs*


Well, well, what have we here...I agree with Yolanda and Golden, please be careful, there are alot of females that will see a good thing in you and "act" accordingly til they get you.

Go with your gut, you know its always right.


Bella huh?? I might have to send my girl over there. Maybe you two happen to meet--not from me orchestrating it though--get married and name your first born after me. Or maybe not!! Either way, have a happy b-day week--cus you know you have to celebrate 30 for a week minimun.


Good for you!!! Go get yours!!! LOL

In case I don't get over here HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!


Much nicer than the 20's!!!


Kelzz, Im gonna pray for you...seriously. That's the realist and I hope that divine intervention takes place and u live the rest of your good life with your soul-mate and best friend. (Side note: If anybody cut up tell'em, Shawnda is a head-bussa!)

Miss Kem

Back on the market, huh? Well, I know I won't be doin any hook-ups this time around! LOL! That girl is still tellin me how bad you broke her heart when you were still runnin away from "love." Like the others said, watch your step. There are some conniving women out here and they know have mastered the art of scheming to get a good thing. I'll need a meet n greet at the crib before you get serious with "her." Good Luck! :)



Did you say you're back on the market??? Uh, oh...WATCH OUT THERE NOW!!! I say, Kelvin's back on the market lovey la-dies :)

Good luck with that. Take it slow...be selective....blah blah blah...I'm sure you'll find somebody nice.

I'll pick up the slack for you - relationships are for the birds. (At least for me right now) I'll be glad for the day when I can "get back on the market." :)


I'll trade you my relationship for a fling with a 19 yr old mexican.

Seriously though, good luck! It is the perfect season for such a thing.


"I feel like its time that I open myself up again and see what's out there for me."

That's all you have to do. What's meant for you will be yours. Good post!


It's nice to hear a guy say that he wants a serious relationship in his life. Kelvin, I hope you find your special lady soon.


U got the house, the dog & picket fence...

I'm sure you will have no problems, you're a great guy.

On that birthday situation...my advice..don't get too drunk...unless you get bored of course....lol...


I've been feeling the same way lately. Be careful! Don't let your guard down too soon then end up regretting it.


Let me say an early happy birthday because tomorrow, I'll more than likely not be able to get on here to read your blog since I'm off in west bubble, Fl. Secondly, lmao@ your full page ad for Kelzpanionship. I mean, I'm certain that there should be a slew of women knocking down your door sometime soon. Apparently, a good looking man, with a career, stable living, and intelligence, is a hard thing to come by nowadays. So you might want to put down your addy so that these chicks can contact you with pictures and shit....lol..


my 30th birthday was the BEST!!!!! can't wait to turn 35 (2008) lol


That's great to hear a guy admit that he's ready for something real. Hopefully it won't take you too long to find her.

And happy birthday to a fellow Leo. MEOW!

Systa Soul

I just know I better get a wedding invitation.


Hope you had a great birthday!!! Hope you find the one for you!!!

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