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Did someone call the grants queen? Shit, I may as well make this position work for someone I know. Hit me up, Kel! We gonna work this out. We must get to our young people, before THEY do. THEY is not good people. Not good at all.


Great post!!! Between you and Nikki I feel inspired this morning as well!!! I have always wanted to be a "big sister" I don't have one of my own nor do I have daughters! It makes me sad when I see pre-teen and teen girls "out there" in such a bad way! I would like to make a positive impact on a young gurls life!!!!

Thanks Kelz and Nikki!!!


terrorizing spirit? no!!!! some kids need their azz whooped for reals. if not now, they will be straight teenage hellions!


Now that is a GREAT idea!!! and I am glad you are going to see it through and anything I can do to help...just let me know


If you ever need anything, holla at me. I'm a grantwriter by profession. Well, that was before I gave in my letter of resignation. LOL...


Alright Kelzz!! I'm glad you're thinking about using my idea as well. All these kids need really is a little bit of attention and something positive to do. I hope we can start some kinda movement in other cities as well. My brother is friends with our new mayor and we're planning on getting him involved in the project as well. Every little bit helps.

And hopefully we can get more men in our community involved in the project as well. Some of these kids need some positive male role models in their lives.


Let's start an enterprise...I wanna be on the Chicago committee...:) Great idea. Very necessary too...these kids ae SO bored.


Project Update: Yo Kel, me and my crew been kicking names for our project all morning. We've narrowed it down to 3: The Pinnacle, Pindemonium (link in bowling pins) or Pandemonium (since that's what we plan to have going on due to the various activities that can be done within the facility).


This is a great idea. Also, have you ever considered joing Big Brothers/Sisters of America? I've been considering that lately myself.

The ChurchBoy

Hey, I'm glad you noticed something. I'm also glad you were inspired to start making a difference. It may not seem like much but if you do a part and the next person does a part and so on, many hands will evenutally make for light work.

If there's anything I can do, let me know...


Wow. That's deep... see!!! Between you and Nikki, I am starting to believe that we CAN rise as a people. Please, please, please keep us posted. (G. Cornelius 2004/5)

Lil' Sis...

Omg! You know I can post bout shit like this all damn day! Bad ass kids! But it isn't their fault! It's the gov't and the parents! I mean how hard is it to get on line and look up some free programs! oops my bad! the free ones are too damn far! Well get up off your ass and travel! I mean c'mon! Oh my bad you work! that's a bit more understandable but so do I and my son has made it to camp since he was six!


I deal with this crap EVERY year! EVERY SINGLE YEAR! My sis is one of them lazy bones (at times not always she's gotten better). My step daughter is OUT of camp this summer because her mom is too damn lazy! nevermind that I picked up the forms and all that shit FOR HER! That little girl is STILL at home!

Ok I'm out cause i'm mad now!

Hit me up if ya need some assistance!

p.s. still no laptoy or pc!


This is crazy, I have been working on this same thing for about a year now. I have the research, and the support only thing I lack is the time. Please contact me cause I am serious about this and if anything we can start something nationally. We got enough blogger to get this going. So what do you say guys?


You know my heart is in stuff like this! I am with you 100%...when you get what you need....share the info with a sista :) Well, for Philly that is.



Let me know what I can do, I have a million ideas...


Sometimes biting ideas is a good thing. I'm sure she won't mind.


WELL!!!! What are we waiting for!!! Let's get to it...I'm in!!


I'm lovin' the idea Kel!!! B/t you and Nikki, I'm getting inspired myself. I say go for it! Let us know how the plans turn out.

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