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you killed me with the 2 piece and a biscuit!! I haven't heard that in forever!!
You seem much older than 29.99999 LOL

great answers....good job


These 3 things memes ARE hard work. I once opened myself up to 3 photo requests. NEVER again!!!

Glad to see you touched on the real estate investment topic. I began working for an investment firm in Nov. 2004. It's THE best thing to happen to me and my bank account. I'm constantly sharing investment advice and tips with my family/friends, PRAYING they'll go forth and prosper from my words.


LOL...Shit, I bet it took forever to do cuz it sure as hell took forever to read. LOL...But, more props to you for doing it and letting us get to know a little more about you...


this was reaaaaal interesting. Thanks for answering (us) and not hiding. LOL im still laughing at danja's questions.


Man...this was a LOT Kelzz! I'm having second thoughts already...lol. Great answers...even with the questions you didn't really answer....lol


It's been great delving into the mind of Kelzz. I don't know if I could have answered all these questions.


Whoa, that took a minute to read, but it was worth the wait. I see you have a good ass sense of humor, a great amount of love and compassion, and are spiritually grounded.


I'm sure it took forever to complete but like folks have already said it was worth the read.


Whew! That was long, and I am so proud of you for answering every last one the way they should have been answered. *wink*

Can I ever know enough about the man behind Kelvin's Corner? I think not.

One more thing: So glad you're not into S&M. hehehe


Cosigning with Yolanday...

Great answers...


loved this meme thing... learned a lot about'cha. LOVED Danja's questions LOL

*taking a quick nap after reading all this*

Great read Kelvin!


Wow - I know that took quite a while to finish. Nice answers though! Gave us a nice peek into you :) Great read.

-The lady with the million dollar smile *blushing*


Love your approach at answering these but ummm just ONE thing! -- YOU MISSED ONE OF MY QUESTIONS!!!!!

*throws sisterly FIT*


Hi Kelvin Cortez (I don't know ur last name yet) Thanks for opening up! I feel like I know you a little bit better. I was thinking about doing the question thing, but after Danja came with thos crazy ass S&M questions.... I'm scared! :)


These were good questions. Hilarious even. Danja wins the prize for craziest questions ever.

I think you covered everything this time so you don't have to worry about doing it again. Good job, sweetie.


*bowing bowing* thank you thank you!!

@toshiko...you love my questions cuz you love me. you've known me for how many years now? like five? have you expected anything different? lol

@Ty... Hey, I just wanted to know!!

@Coley... Don't be scared.

In fact, Im going to invite you all to come over and do the same for me... no question is too wild!!

and @ kelvin... So you have had the love of a big girl eh? *raising eyebrows* you are right, there is nothing like it. especially 6'0 tall narrow-waisted, big bootied NYC supafreaks!!! *pole dancing* ok ahem Im done... *hiding from Yolanda*

loved the answers except i said you HAD to choose and u copped out. I'm more of a sub myself, so I'm kinda turned on that you arent into the sub stuff... *wink*

Ms. Off The Hool 2005

Brown Sugar

WTF-ever!!!! You could have answered that hypothetical ass question. LOL If my ass answered them, you could. LOL These aren't REAL queries darling. Not in the least bit. Well...at least I didn't take it as such when I answered. I made sure to preface my answer to that question as this, "Judging by their words and words only." hee hee Oh well...I guess you took the safe route. I'm done badgering you now. LOL


Umm? *crickets* Yea? That's why I don't think you would EVER catch me doing one of these bad boys...waaaay to LONG! But you handled it like a pro Kelvin. *thumbs up*


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