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Those last words--Only You Can Change YOU--sealed it. And the only thing that makes us want to change is stepping out of our comfort zones. As you already know, I don't do complacency, when I know there's so much more for me. I'm glad to see you're acknowledging that for yourself. You're the sweetest. Peace . . .


It's very easy to become complacent or even hide-out from life when you feel so discouraged that you just don't know which way to move. I've been there, in that very dark - stagnant place and through prayer, faith and action I did move and I continue to work to keep myself moving. Like you said, Kelzz, we can only change ourselves - that is our reactions to things, our plans, our mindsets. No other person can move us like we can when we tap into our own strength and of course, power. Great post for this sunny Hump Day! Peace...


You're on the money about the complacency. I hate being stagnant. I always try to do something more than what I'm already doing.


Man, Lord knows I can't be complacent. It drives me crazy. I have been down before but, by God's grace I would say, my brain starts moving and I'm out! Good one Kelzz!


Good post, Kelvin.
Only you can decide when enough is enough. It's so easy to get stuck in a rut. For me, it's taking those baby steps...remembering it's the small things make a huge impact down the line.


Well dang. All this go-forth-and-prosper stuff warms my heart. Am I the only one who constantly craves change?? I get a high from new expereinces and tackling new shyt, making life changes and the such. Because by tackling new stuff, I change.

But I think a lot of people lack motivation. Or don't know how to lay those burdens down and let go. I tend to think you can't just let things go. You have to deal with them and they will automatically disappear.


Nice post Kelvin.

I needed to hear this - only now I need specifics. I've been running myself ragged looking for change and still end up in the same position. Like a dog chasing it's tail. *smh* I'll figure it out somehow, lol!


Yeah! Great Post! I might have to print this out and tape it to my board. "Only You Can Change You"...ain't that the truth.

Brutha Code

This is a good post. I am forever talking about how I'll start something tomorrow or next week, and of course, tomorrow never comes.

You're right on point with this one. We need to stop talking and start doing. I needed to hear this today too...


Man! I'm one complacent mofo! My last job I was there for 7+ years! This job is about to go on 4 years! BUT I refuse to reach that day (January 28th 2006). I will be in a better place come 2006! No ifs. ands. OR buts. bout it!

As always GREAT POST! I'm FOCUSED maaaaaaaaaan!


Just read Kajuana's comment and she's right. I think that I am or could be one of those people who loves change and new things BUT lack of motivation and my fear TOTALLY holds me back!

Gotta work on that!


Great post...are you talking to me...lol...really, fear and complacency play a huge part in not moving forward...I've been really motivated to get on with what I know I need to be doing and step out of my comfort zone...

Just to let you know...I did just that on Friday...it would have been much easier to fall into the usual trap and just go home...but I didn't and for me that was a huge step forward.


This post is right on point. I'm the person Kajuana describes in her comment. Not lacking motivation, but not knowing how to let go. Fear is a powerful deterrent, but in order to be happy I must push through and make that change.


Right on time! I needed to read this... gotta let go of a lot of things :)

Princess Dominique

I like the new digs!


AMEN! It's so easy to get caught up in the hussle and bussle of everyday life we sometimes just forget to stop and smell the flowers.


thanks for this post! i enjoyed it!


Thanks for this Kel. I think a lot of people really needed to hear it.



great hump day post!!!




FOUR WORDS: COMPLACENCY AND STAGNATION KILLS!! As usual, Kelvin delivered one helluva post that should not be forgotten


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