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It's politics. We all know there wasn't going to be a sweep. But the Pistons will rebound back in Detroit. Hell, they came back on Miami for a minute last night. Kinda like that game 2 in LA last year.

Brutha Code

I'm hoping Miami can just get one in Detroit....

Systa Soul

Did you SEE your boy, Dwayne Wade!! FIYAH!! Go Heat!!


*Already thinking of the weekend* I'll be seeing you soon. *wink* For that matter, I'll be seeing all my NY peeps soon, too. I can't wait. Smooches!


Let's go Shaq. He's another one of my guilty pleasures. I've been a LA Lakers fan since the Magic and Vlade days. But when Shaq left, I realized that I am more of his fan than I am of any team. So this season, I'm all about the HEAT.


yay for wade!


aaaaaaawwww!!! LOL

thanks for the kind comments....they help...


Expect this series to GO THE DISTANCE! Game 3 is actually gonna be played on SUNDAY night. Saturday night is Game 3 in the Spurs-Suns series.


anybody who thought that detriot was going to beat Miami 2 games in Miami was high on some powerful cheif.

Same could be said for the Spurs/Suns series.

D.Wade didnt have a good game that first night which could have been for many reason. A) they played easier teams in first two series. B) They had more time to rest. I predit this will be a long series.


Who? Basketball? Wha? Is it the Illini? lol

G. Cornelius

We cool...We gonna get these 2 at the house...And take care of it on the road...We straight...I'll keep you posted


This is the kinda ball I like to watch. I dont want to see a sweep. I love it when they work for it. Sittin on the edge of the couch in anticipation.....GOOD LORD its exciting. I love Larry Brown - he used to coach my husband *wink*. I think he is a great coach and the Pistons will bring it home!

Go Pistons!


Awww....Kelvin you're so sweet. Thanks for the recap.


Ok, I finally get some time to check in, and you are talking about basketball...hmphf..lol...off to check out the pics...

see ya soon!

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