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After a brief discussion with the man! I'M INNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! BITCHEEESSSS!

Sorry! umm yeah so #1 looks like the one. I may be able to do #2 but put me down for #1. But to be honest...i really really wanna do #3. but my money is funny. LOL.

So vote #1 is for Package 1.


I'm picking package #1 because I want that Puerto Rican above to be able to go. Ain't nobody can come close to calling a bitch a bitch like my PIB. Consider this a good samaritan moment. LOL

Now, I gotta decide which room. I want an Oceanview, but I want a suite, too. Decisions. Decisions. Anywho, you know I gotta be close enough to the birfday boy's room so I can sneak in and seduce, I mean, have a glass of Remy with him and bask in the aromatherapy. heeheehee Kiss my ass whoever don't like it, he's MY blog-hubby. LMAO


#1's price range is a winner. I'm like Golden, I'd love to do #3, but ain't no way right now. And is this a group rate? If not, how many do we need in a group in order to get the rate reduced some more? Hey, a sista is lookin' for a bargain.


Nikki: These aren't group rates, these are for individuals... Once we decide, I am gonna call Royal and see what I can work out on the phone with them...


See that's my PIB!! She got my back! Holla!

Ok so I want the Suite too! Hey We can SHARE! oh and sorry sis but umm yeah i'mma be hangin' w/my bro cause I too needs to bask in that aromatherapies! LOL umm yea so be sure to handle ya'll cyber marital thingamagigies (damn i messed that up) when i'm NOT there!


Number 1 sounds the best for me too...


Now, PIB, you know I didn't mean I'd take up ALL his time. Just a little. A blog-wifey should know her blog-hubby--knowhadimean? hehehe Besides, we can partake in the aromatherapy together. Puff, puff, pass, Bitches! LOL

And, yeah, we need to check into rates for room sharing. PIB's in one room? Oh, it's on. Umm . . . Singing, we ain't forgot about you. Like aromatherapy? LOL


*ROFLMAO* @ Yolie! Now THAT'S what I'm talkin bout!


i wish i could @ Kelvin, but we've already paid for half of our costa rica trip and that's already set me back a couple thousand...maybe when you turn 35? :)


Golden & Yolanda...there is something wrong with yawl...LMAO!

No. 1 looks like the best option...


Umm...PIB #1&2....What about me???? Do I have to be by myself??? *as one tear falls* ROTFLMAO. And Golden....you want a suite? Do you know that Yolanda wants to look at water? *as I throw a monkey wrench in the plans while wickedly laughing*

Sorry....my twin popped out. LOL Kelvin, I am so proud of you....I sent you names and you just got happy!! YaY! I love take charge men!! (Unlike some others....heeheehee) Yolanda....I think ya done got a winner!!!!!!!!!!!


I wish I ran my company...I'm going on a cruise to the Southern Caribbean a few weeks after. This cruise sounds like it would be damn fun but I'll have to just read about it...boo!


I vote for #1 too. Kel, check out the group rates, so I'll know where my money can take me. The weekend of the 16th may be AL for Darren's party and then in August I might be going to Jamaica (still checking for deals on that). The 22nd is the day after my B-DAY! This trip will be a nice gift to myself!


Okay, who's packing the condoms? LOL


Booo... my comment didn't show up... of course it will probably show up twice (not two times Grayse...LOL) now.

Anyhoo... I started out by saying that I'd have to confer with my blog clique... LOL...

I'm a little concerned about cruises since I get motion sick... but you know what? I ain't never scared... like a Bonecrusher song... so I think I'm in!!!

If Golden can only do #1, then what is there to talk about? #1 it is. All islands look alike anyway... sun, shore, surf... *shrug*

It should be fun. I'm in. Keep a nukka posted like G. Cornelius. LOL


I would love to go but have already planned my vacation trip this year. Count me in on the next trip. I want lots of pictures and details when you all return.






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